This is the annual event for all Apostolic Christians who have interest in cross-cultural missions


Come join us on Saturday, July 20 at the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church for a full day of presentations, breakouts, and small group discussions on a wide variety of mission-related topics.

Interactive 2-3 hour long workshops are offered on Friday evening, July 19.

This is not just for people in central Illinois. Everyone is invited from anywhere in the country. Overnight accommodations are available for those who register in advance.


It’s a full weekend jam-packed with stirring content presented in a variety of formats and styles. Seating is limited for the workshops, breakouts and discussion groups and seats will be given out first-come, first-served to those that register online. If you do not register in advance, you may not be able to attend your preferred sessions.

PRE-CONFERENCE – Friday, July 19
6:30 pm Registration / check-in
7:00  Pre-conference Workshops

MAIN CONFERENCE – Saturday, July 20
8:00 am 
Registration / check-in begins
8:10    Singing
8:30    Opening comments, housekeeping items, prayer
8:50    Main Sessions 
10:10  Break
10:30  Ministry Info Breakouts
11:40  Lunch
12:50  Topical Breakouts 
1:30    Singing
1:50    Main Session 
2:30    Break
2:50    Discussion Groups
4:30   Main Session 
5:10   Closing

Pre-Conference Workshops

Ready to go deep on a topic? Choose one of these 2-3-hour Friday evenings sessions for some intense and highly interactive teaching. Advance registration is required. NOTE: in order to preserve the interactive nature of these sessions, seating is limited. Spots are given out first-come, first-served to those who register online, so if interested, don’t delay. 

Worskshop titles coming in February

What the Book of Acts tells us about missions

The early church literally wrote the book on how to spread the gospel, reach across cultures, establish churches, and work through conflict. What can we learn from the text in Acts and also from reading between the lines? Is this first-century model readily transferrable to 21st century evangelism? Is our approach to missions grounded in scripture or has it evolved over time? Join this in-depth study to get a new perspective on missions. 

Speaker: Arlan Miller


Several interesting topics are still being explored. Please check back in March for more details.

Speaker: TBD

Caring for our missionaries (for active and prospective Mentors and Advocates)

This session is for active and prospective* missionary mentors and advocates. This workshop is designed to provide mentor and advocate training for the purpose of more effectively caring for our missionaries. We will discuss what has worked, what has not worked, and ideas for developing church support further. The workshop will be interactive and practical.

Speaker: Kirk Plattner 

* Those have a strong desire to engage in the missionary support process

Rep Meeting

This session is specifically for HarvestCall Representatives. More information on this session will be coming later, but we expect this time to include sharing of important updates, questions & answers, and a time of idea sharing. 

Speakers: TBD

Main Sessions

Held in the church assembly room, these are plenary sessions, meaning they are broad interest topics intended for everyone.

Living as sent people

Not everyone is called to the mission field, but we should all be “on mission.” Find out what that means for your everyday life as we examine how to apply the most important commands Jesus gave to all believers.

Speaker: John Huber

"Because you came, I met Jesus"

When you look at all the time, effort and money that goes into missions, you may sometimes wonder, “Is it worth it?” We believe it making an eternal difference for many. These speakers will share how grateful they personally are that as a result of Apostolic Christian outreach, they have been called out of darkness and into Jesus’ marvelous light.

Speaker: Gloria Gonzalez and TBD

Our missionary experience

Listen to the perspectives of those currently serving on the mission field in Haiti. Hear about their struggles and joys and ways you can support them in this work.

Speakers: Les & Christine Kaeb

Why is sharing the gospel so difficult?

Admit it. For most of us, the idea of sharing our faith with a stranger gives us cold sweats. Even talking about Jesus to people we know can be uncomfortable. Why is that, and what are ways to overcome this fear and reluctance? While not all of us have the gift of evangelism, we can all learn how to be a more effective witness – and to do so with less stress.

Speaker: Brad Metz

Ministry Update Breakouts

Find out what God is doing through the various ministries operating under HarvestCall. Choose the two that most interest you.

"I was a sponsored child in Guatemala"

Hear the dramatic story of how an impoverished little girl’s life was forever changed through child sponsorship. Iveth was that little girl and she has gone on to helping many more Guatemalan children get sponsorships from HarvestCall by working with our partner organization in that country.

Speaker: Iveth Lara

A spiritual Lifeline in Haiti

Many people are aware that HarvestCall’s Lifeline program build houses and provides a medical clinic for Haitians in northern Haiti. But through that, God opened a door to assisting with the spiritual development of Bethel Church leaders and reaching many for Christ. Hear how from this Bethel Church pastor.

Speaker: Pastor Nathan Dieudonne

Healing souls at Hospital Lumiere

All hospitals diagnose and treat medical conditions, but the ultimate goal of Hospital Lumiere is to see people be reconciled to God – in additional to healing of the body. Find out how the gospel is never secondary in this medical mission, as told by the hospital’s chaplain.

Speaker: Pastor Smarth Etheard

Helping the sister church in Europe

Description coming in March

Speaker: TBD

Ministering in Mexico

Description coming in March

Speaker: TBD

Haiti Dairy: listening to Haitians, listening to God, working together

Who gets to decide what direction a ministry takes? Does a ministry do whatever is asked by those they serve? Should the oversight committee, the sending church or the brotherhood at large have a say? Can the missionaries in the field do as they please? Or is every decision made by prayer? Come learn the practical ways in which 1 Corinthians 3:9 has been lived out as Fèm Bon Vizyon (Good Vision Farm) has grown from a barren field to a functioning farm.

Speaker: Dewayne Dill

What do the Deaf in Jamaica lack?

You might think the answer is obvious — they lack the ability to hear, right? What if we told you they lack the same things as all of us right here in the States. Come to this breakout and learn more about how the gospel is filling up the lack experienced in the lives of Deaf young people in Jamaica and how missional business is being used as the means to not only fill up a cup of coffee, but to an abundant life in Christ.

Speaker: Seth Kaeb

Topical Breakouts

The hardest part will be choosing the one you most want to attend, because sadly, there isn’t time in the day to repeat these.

The challenges of missionary reentry

Coming back to the USA after living in a foreign country as a missionary is more difficult than you might think. Find out what missionaries experience on re-entry and how we as a church can better support this transition.

Speaker: Scott & Mandy Yordy

Making yourself ready and available

What should we be doing in our daily lives to cultivate a willingness to be used for missions and to be prepared in case we do feel the call? And remember – that call could just be to reach out to our next door neighbor. 

Speaker: Matt Knapp

What is a culturally relevant gospel?

Ok — trick question. We shouldn’t try to make the gospel “culturally relevant,” but we DO need to think about how to present it in a culturally relevant way. Finding that balance can be difficult and it’s easy to tilt one way or the other. Let’s examine scripture to find the right approach. 

Speakers: Nick Gutwein

Help! My child wants to be a missionary.

Sure, we support sending missionaries. Just let it be someone else’s child who goes, right? If you have a child who may be feeling the call to go, it can stir up many conflicting emotions as parents. This session will help you process those, answer some of your questions, and hopefully give you the confidence to trust God through this situation.

Speaker: TBD

Lessons learned from early AC evangelism

Our early Apostolic Christian church was phenomenally successful at evangelism and church planting, in Europe and America. While it was a unique time in history, we can learn things from their success and apply them to our outreach today.

Speaker: Fred Witzig

Discussion Groups

 Interactive discussions in a small group format. Choose the two topics you are most interested in and come ready to participate! 

Simple methods for presenting the gospel

Knowing some practical techniques can help us overcome our fear of sharing with others. Learn about some great spiritual conversation starters and helpful props for explaining the gospel from our facilitator and other participants.

Facilitator: Brad Metz

Things we did to help our children understand the gospel

We can all learn from each other, especially when it comes to parenting and the all important task of imparting truth to our children. 

Facilitator: Ron & Edie Bollier

Helping new people integrate into our church

Walking through the doors of an AC church for the first time can be an intimidating culture shock for some people. Find out ways to alleviate that and help people feel comfortable and begin to fit in. This issue isn’t just for the first few visits. It actually can get harder after a new person becomes a member.

Facilitator: TBD

How God can use your suffering to help others

If you’ve been through a trial, God may desire you redeem it by being a help to others. Let’s explore ways God has used and can use our sufferings to reach out to others undergoing the same kind of hardship.

Facilitator: Amber Miller

If I don't have the gift of evangelism, am I off the hook?

Some of us read the list of roles in Eps 4:11 and say “That’s not me.” So maybe we are not an apostle, prophets, evangelist, pastor, or teacher but as just an “average Christian” what is our responsibility when it comes to evangelism? Let’s discuss, roles, gifts, and Christ’s commands.

Facilitator: John Huber

Ways the church can respond to the drug epidemic

Description coming in March…

Facilitator: TBD

How to tell if you are really being called to the mission field

Description coming in March…

Facilitator: Kirk Plattner

Reaching international college students in your community

Universities bring “the ends of the earth” right to our communities. Come learn and share practical ways to reach out and share Christ with this diverse — and often very receptive — audience.

Facilitator: Amy Mammadov

What it's like moving to bolster a small church

Come learn from couples who have relocated in support of a church being established. Discussion will focus on how they confirmed their calling, God’s provisions through the challenges, and blessings they have enjoyed as a result of their step in faith. We’ll also explore the opportunities that await others who are called and willing to answer.

Facilitator: TBD

Creative ideas for supporting our missionaries

Description coming in March…

Facilitator: TBD

Redeployment vs retirement

Come and discuss the opportunities to redeploy your skill sets, gained over a career, into the mission fields that are so ripe for harvest. We’ll visit about the call to redeploy, opportunities that exist, discerning God’s will, business as mission, and the rewards of redeployment versus retirement. God is such a faithful employer!

Facilitator: Stephen Baner

Helping without hurting

Our attempts to help the poor sometimes lead to unintended consequences that can be damaging to everyone involved. Join this discussion group to share examples of how you’ve seen this play out in your efforts to help others and learn how to more effectively help without hurting.

Facilitator: Paul Streitmatter

Pray for missionaries

Join us for a time of specific, focused prayer for our Apostolic Christian brothers and sisters serving in the mission field. We will take turns lifting them up to the Lord.

Facilitator: Jonathan Hodel

The role of fasting and prayer in missions

Description coming in March…

Facilitator: TBD

Using Bible distribution to reach the lost

A discussion on distributing Bibles in our modern digital age. What methods work well? How can recipients be encouraged to dig into the Word?

Facilitator: Wayne Laubscher

Answering your questions about planned giving

If you are at the age where you’ve begun estate planning and have a heart for our church’s missions, be sure to attend this session. There are numerous tax-advantaged strategies that can benefit you, your heirs, and HarvestCall.

Facilitator: Nile Bucher


For Workshops and Main Sessions

Matt Kaufmann


Minister. Church Outreach Teacher at ACCFS. Host of Breaking Bread podcast. Math teacher. One of the authors of the Sharing the Gospel study guide and videos.

Justin Koch


Minister. HarvestCall Mexico Committee’s communications manager. Engineer. Contributing author to numerous Bible studies.

Paul Streitmatter


Planning Facilitator for HarvestCall. Provided strategic implementation assistance to Mission Committee. Former World Relief board member and HarvestCall local church representative.

John Huber


HarvestCall’s Executive Director. Passionate about the Great Commission. Former member of the Caribbean and Outreach Committees. Chairman of Integration Steering Committee charged with integrating World Relief and Mission Committee.

Keith & Alisa Beyer


Missionaries serving at CVE since January 2015, Keith serves as CVE  Administrator, together they support the Caregiving Staff. Former houseparents at Gateway Woods.

Mike Leman


Elder, with oversight of our churches in Mexico. Mission Committee and now HarvestCall board member. Owner of landscaping company.

Arlan Miller


Minister. Church Outreach Director at ACCFS. Trainer and presenter. Mentors college students. Member of the HarvestCall’s Church Establishment Committee. Active on Brotherhood Communications Committee.

Fred Witzig


Minister. History professor. Leads Bible-teaching tours to historically rich locations. Founder of Wit ‘n’ Wisdom Education, providing teaching podcasts, videos, etc.

Other speakers include:

Tom Waldbeser – Peachtree City. Elder and a leader of church bolstering and planting efforts.
Ray & Glad Slagel – Fairbury. Long-term volunteers at South Carolina rebuilding ministry
Brock Wiegand – West Lafayette. Recently returned from serving as missionary at CVE.
Seth Kaeb – Gridley. Serving as a HarvestCall missionary working with the Deaf in Jamaica through CCCD and Deaf Can! Coffee.
Dewayne Dill – Minneapolis. Minister, leader and stateside administrator of Haiti Dairy committee.
Todd Stoller – Morton, Dentist, developer of dental clinics at Hospital Lumiere and CVE; team leader of annual Hospital Lumiere dental mission trip, past chairman of HarvestCall Medical Committee
Marie Lucie Jeune – Les Cayes, Haiti. Director of Child Care / MEBSH, one of the organizations HarvestCall Child Sponsorship works with in Haiti.
Kent Heimer – Taylor. Elder, chairman of HarvestCall board. Also serves on board of RGMMI.
Marvin Dotterer – Forrest. Elder, HarvestCall spiritual advisor. Counseling elder for missionaries in Haiti.
Heather S. – Tremont. One of the founders of Kairos. Currently training for overseas work in restricted areas.
Wayne Laubscher – Washington. Leader of Bible Distribution task force. Retired minister.
Dale Koch – Tremont. Leader of the new truth-centered community transformation program in Haiti.
Frank Sauder – Roanoke. Ordained Deacon, HarvestCall board member for international regions, former missionary to Japan.
Kirk Plattner – West Lafayette. HarvestCall’s Outreach Manager, minister, and former missionary in Jamaica.
Daniel Currier – Congerville. Teacher, speaker and leader of apologetics ministry called iApologia.
Klint Beyer – Sabetha. Minister, HarvestCall board member.
Stephen Baner – Gridley. Retired minister and retired CFO. Now redeployed into a variety of ministry opportunities. HarvestCall board member
Bill Schick – Peoria. Former administrator at CVE. Director of Berean Ministries and Director of Freedom 4 Life ministry.


Proclaim & Serve 2019 is at the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church, 2 miles west of Roanoke on Rt. 116, 1 mile south, 1/2 mile west.


Advance registration is strongly encouraged. Seating is limited for in the breakout and discussion group rooms and seats will go first-come, first-served starting with those that registered in advance. It is likely that many of the rooms will be filled prior to the day of the conference.

Please help us plan the day effectively and register online today. Registration is not available yet. Please check back in February.

Fill out my online form.